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SEIKO Institute for Educational Research

About Us

A company that creates the value of Higher Education living with ideas, people, and technology. We will continue to advocate a new way of supporting Higher Education with new systems. Reconstructing knowledge and skills in a new context. We will continue to create new educational value through the fusion of the latest technology and human beings needs. In response to the contemporary challenges that we are facing, we will continue to create infrastructure that supports new intellectual and information activities that mankind seeks under the slogans of ``living education and research`` and ``usable education and research`` that universities do not have.

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We are creating a new era for Higher Education and Research.

Message from the President

As a Research Institute that will change the World of Higher Education.

Since the major reform of Higher Education Institutions in the Koizumi Reform, we have started by responding to new social needs such as recurrent education in Japan and support for graduate school admission. We have endeavored to achieve the sustainable development of Higher Education and re-education in Japan, albeit with little effort. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of our Students, Parents, and University Officials for their great cooperation. Through our accumulated know-how in education and systems, we will contribute to a sustainable growth of environment surrounding Higher Education in Japan, and at the same time, we will continue to apply our know-how in other countries to advocate new solutions for global problems. Covid-19 has led to a rapid spread of online classes and remote lectures; however we have a career of more than 10 years in these fields, and we are committed to developing an online education system that is always ahead of the times. To develop these tools infinitely. To develop the educational content to be introduced into the system infinitely. With these as two pillars, we intend to expand new higher education services.

President and CEO Kiyoshi Yokoo