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SEIKO Institute for Educational Research

History of the Company


Foundation as a learning Institute for junior and senior high school students.


As per the student's parents request, a University re-enrollment support course for working adults is held in the same Institute.


In the same year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology promoted recurrent Education for working adults against the backdrop of ``University Reform`` as part of Koizumi reform.
MBA, Clinical Psychology, Law School, Undergraduate School of Medicine, entrance exam for adults, so-called adult professional graduate school, graduate school approval rush
Established Seiko Transfer School in Kita-ku, Osaka, which specializes in re-enrollment of working adults at universities and graduate schools.


Due to the revision of the Pharmacists Act and the School Education Law, the transition to the 6-year pharmacy department and the abolition of the 4-year pharmacy department caused the transfer examination system and adult admission system of the pharmacy department to be canceled. During the transition period until the completion year of the program, the on-site confusion has been prolonged due to the on-campus promotion system, repetition rules, graduation certification system, national examinations, etc.


Seiko Education Research Institute Co., Ltd. established as a Corporation, in response to the rapid increase of the number of students who need off-campus support from entrance exams to remedial, promotion exams, and national exams.
Establish a specialized department to solve all possible problems in the Faculty of Pharmacy.
After that, the needs of students, mainly medical students, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary students, shifted from entrance examinations to on-campus support.
In the 100th Anniversary Commemorative project of Tohoku University, which was held in the same year, veteran, specialist, University members and alumni professors were mobilized due to the network of the President who was the director of the Kansai branch of the university alumni association (currently Hagiyukai).
Develop courses that meet the needs of students.
Full support for other languages, starting to introduce a history fulfillment system for international students in Japan and Japanese students abroad.
At that time, a demonstration experiment of an automatic test scoring system was started by the idea of the President who belonged to Tohoku University ISTU, which was researching a lesson distribution system using the Internet, which was a pioneer in Japan.
Started a demonstration experiment using current state of international affairs as content with fellow international students and researchers at that time


Discussions begin with news agencies and IT engineers in Europe and the United States regarding international affairs tests using an automatic scoring system.


Completion of prototype of automatic scoring system Started demonstration experiment in schools and companies.


Established an office in France to gather a wide range of knowledge about the ideal way of international affairs education and the ideal way of international affairs test.
Started research in collaboration with Universities, Telecommunications Companies, Media, Newspaper Companies, etc.


Moved to the current Chuo-ku, Osaka City due to business expansion.
Established a research department as part of future expansion of educational resources.


By making almost all lessons online with Covid-19
Started research on new classes in the 5G era.


Formed a multinational team that brings together the skills of experts from each country.
Started empirical research for the construction of a new educational infrastructure system.
We have set up a development department for various services that effectively combine systems, websites, and SNS that use the Internet.
We propose IT solutions specializing in school corporations, medical corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and various research institutes.

Taking the opportunity of joint development research with young Italian engineers, we started research and development of new IT platforms in all fields such as education, news, research, public relations, and local government services with an eye on the future.