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SEIKO Institute for Educational Research

About Us

A company that creates the value of Higher Education living with ideas, people, and technology. We will continue to advocate a new way of supporting Higher Education with new systems. Reconstructing knowledge and skills in a new context. We will continue to create new educational value through the fusion of the latest technology and human beings needs. In response to the contemporary challenges that we are facing, we will continue to create infrastructure that supports new intellectual and information activities that mankind seeks under the slogans of ``living education and research`` and ``usable education and research`` that universities do not have.

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We are creating a new era for Higher Education and Research.

Message from the President

As a Research Institute that will change the World of Higher Education.

Since the major reform of higher education institutions during the Koizumi Reforms, we have worked to reform and develop the education system, starting with responding to new societal needs such as domestic recurrent education and a push towards postgraduate studies, and then, albeit with limited effort, focusing on the retraining of secondary and tertiary education institutions. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to students, parents and university staff for their invaluable cooperation.

We have decided to contribute to the sustainable growth of the higher education environment in Japan through our accumulated educational and systems know-how, while at the same time applying this know-how in other countries and continuing to advocate new solutions to common global problems. The Covid-19 disaster has led to the rapid spread of online teaching and distance learning, and with more than 15 years of experience in these fields, we are constantly developing online education systems that are ahead of their time.

To develop these tools indefinitely. To infinitely develop the educational content to be introduced into the system.

With these two pillars, we intend to expand our new higher education services.

President and CEO Kiyoshi Yokoo